Sunday, January 12, 2003

Education, I think it's time to understand what kind of education we really need and are seeking.

A lot of the original concepts of education, was to hold the kids to something stable to help give them the time to grow and mature. And of course over time that developed to different levels of education. We want people who are ready to work, to not only have the skills and knowledge that are applied to a specific job, but an overall knowledge paradigm.

You see college, as the final stage before assuming full life responsibilities. That was the intention, how far reality is!

Most kids go to party, get drunk, delay getting a job. Putting their parents thru financial hell, while abandoning more and more responsibility for themselves. I am trying to get on the kids case, but it's really the colleges themselves that need to be totally re-configured.

I think the biggest things on my list are:

  • Financial Situation: This is behond all messed up. There are several reasons why, one is the financial relationship between governments and colleges. This must immediatley end. Governments are there to determine reasonable guidelines, and whether the colleges are meeting them to continue their certification.

  • How Colleges spend their time and money: They spend it on research and development, that's not what they're for, they are there to educate. Nothing else should be done there, other than to make sure the best educated people get their degrees. This even includes sports, it can be a way to help fund colleges as long as we're not allowing uneducated people to graduate with degrees. Keep it ethical, and that's fine.

  • No seniority, just merit. If your students consistently pass the tests that has been confirmed, and you do a good job, the best ones get the most pay and the worst get the worst. And if they do not meet the set standards at ever level of position, they get fired immediately.

  • How much do they charge: This should be re-done, college is never going to be cheap, but it can done on a better scale system. First there are different set of pricing scales based on high school grades for good curriculum. For example if you get a scholarship, that can help decrease your paying scale. And for parents it's get setup as similar to mortgage, That gets paid to either a general education or to a specific education, and that rate can be decreased based on grades or proven effort to take less time. So if you goof, off, you rates go up, and it will take longer to. You can change what program/major, but each one has it's own scale and cost of time and energy. The goal is getting you graduated with what it takes to make you completely ready.

Enough for now. It doesn't take a lot to understand,