Saturday, January 25, 2003

What it means to be an American

An American, comes with both rights and responsibilities. They are part and parcel of what it takes to enjoy the freedom that America provides.

As American's we have the following privileges:

  • The freedom to believe and practice religiously or non-religiously.

  • Representation for taxation. Of course this isn't perfect, but it's better than what's out there in the world.

  • The freedom to pursue any line of work we want within legal limits. No government ordained jobs/careers.

  • Protection from being persecuted.

  • Each region can experiment to have it's own interpretation of non-federal laws. And the freedom to move between regions.

  • Children as not expected to be workers, they can be free to learn and grow with time, until they are ready.

  • All mankind was created equal, so in America there is no slavery.

With those privileges, come certain responsibilities.

  • We pay taxes at multiple levels to pay for the governmental services we use.

  • To aim for the American Dream, of a better life for ourselves and our children, thru hard work.

  • To not be a leech, upon your neighbors, friends and family. To be self-sufficient.

  • To have pride in your home, neighborhood, town, city, state and country, to always work towards having a better and cleaner area.

All of this is about realizing, is that to live in America you can have your freedoms, but they come at the cost of paying back for the priviledge. If we all work towards a better America, this can be a great nation again. But that comes down to all of us having a sense of responsibility, ethics and a common dream.

That dream is the American Dream.

Unfortunately, not many american's these days want to be responsible for what they are getting out of America. They just want to ruin, destroy America. As if America is not the people of America.

People these days see America as a great evil, to be destroyed. But how can that be, we are America. That is an incredible delusion.

We the People, are America. Everything that you hate about America, is about you hating yourself. If you want America to be better that is one thing, but to blindly hate America, when you are equally responsible for that hate, makes no sense.

Thought of the Day: Are you willing to take responsibility for everything that America has given you, and pay it back? Take pride in America, for you are America.

Friday, January 24, 2003

French is hiding behind the skirts of their bombs

Let's make it abundantly clear. Frence is against the USA for the sole reason of trying to avoid having us see that they were 100% behinds the bomb-making capabilities of the Iraqi's. has a great article, explaing what really is going on behind france's political doors.

How can we continue to assume our opponents are honorable? Germany is aiming to back in power, by trying to make America look bad, they hope to grow financially. The Axis of Evil and the Axis of Weasels are there.

There are those in power, who want to take down the America. Because we have what they want, and it comes down to pure power, money, technology, whatever. This is exactly what happened to Rome, how it made itself into a great nation, until it got to a point of decadence and incoherence.

When it comes down to it, that is a clear light bulb for where we are now. We are so big, and so incoherent. There is a time and place to have disagreements among our leaders, but not in front of the enemies who'd love to destroy us all.

Thought of the Day: What part of reality are you trying to escape from? Why are the liberals so afraid of the Republicans having any real idea of how to handle these times?