Thursday, January 30, 2003

When is war a good thing?

BTW I appreciate honest disagreement, there is a lot to be said for standing by what you really feel.

However we are in a different situation, then what is a typical war situation, we are not the ones doing a first strike.
We don't want a war with Iraq, all we ever wanted was for Saddam Hussein to disarm. Which was what he was going to as part of
treaty after Desert Storm. He would live and be in power, if they disarmed.

They have lied and lied and lied and lied. And we just let them lie.

And pardon me, are you aware of all of the Iraqi's that have died at Saddam Hussein's hands? All the torture and rape and just destruction on his own people, for his desires of power and testing his different weapons. He is a pure tyrant.

If he had abided by the UN decision and actually disarmed and offered proof of that disarming, then we'd be okay.

That is far from what has happened. He has lied and lied, threatened to torture the families of any Iraqi scientist who told the truth. And when a tyrant has the power to affect the lives of people in our country, we have the right to protect ourselves.

Not only is he a threat, because of the weapons he has. He is also a major supplier to Iran, Al Queda, North Korea and other Tyrannical Regimes.

So we have an honest choice, since he is not going to ever disarm, and is going to continue to threaten world peace of any kind. We can either let him get away with it, and because we let him get away with it, encourage other terrorists to just say, Hey if Iraq can get away, America doesn't mind if we keep terrorizing America.

We need to face reality, it may not be a pretty reality, but as adults we have responsibilities. The responsibility to protect ourselves and those we love from those who would hurt, kill, and rape us. That's what we need to do. Because IRAQ is an EVIL regime.

Now WAR is necessary, not always, but when it comes to either our death or evil's death, I always choose for us to live. And that means we have to stop evil. That's what we did in World War Two against Hitler. When there is evil it must be stopped.

Evil People have no respect for peace, they only respect strength. And that is exactly why Ronald Reagan was one of America's greatest Presidents. Because he showed that he did desire peace, and that to make it happen in reality, he had to show Russia the consequences of any evil actions.

Okay, now to specific actions. The main goal is to have Saddam Hussein no longer be the Tyrant. That can be accomplished in several ways, we can assassinate, exile or just kill him.

I honestly would rather not go to war, but if we have no choice. Which we do not. Then we have to find the safest way to end the regime, and free all the Iraqi's who just want to live free and enjoy their lives and have a democratic government of some kind.

Has the peaceful option, stopped all evil actions? Of course, the hell it hasn't. I wish it did, but let's not live a fantasy anymore.

Peace is an awesome idea, the reality is mankind isn't mature enough for it. We can be peaceful up until the moment we are attacked, and at that time we must protect ourselves.

Peace is a great thing, but war can be a good thing as well. Because it's a time when we come together as a nation or country or as a people.

Remember without war there would not be an America. What do you call the American Revolution?

We fought the British because they refused to let us live free lives in this New World.

When there is tyranny in the world, we have the right to fight for our own freedom. Think about it!

911 was a personal, spiritual and national attack. I will never celebrate my birthday again, and I was so sad, and crying. Almost every day I am listening to some different mp3's created for the 911. One of them, I really love is from, I always cry especially when I remember the story of Flight 93.

They were a group of normal, everyday American's. And they chose to fight against terror, even if it meant the loss of their own lives. I keep hearing Todd Beamer say to his fellow passengers on the cell phone as it is heard, Let's Roll. That phrase has become our motto.

I am sorry, I am really crying because of how much this phrase and experience has affected me.

Let's Roll is simply about what being an American is about. That we are one nation under God, and that when it comes down to it, we will do whatever it takes to protect our families and the ones we love.

It's that simple, all American's really want is to be left alone, so we can pursue the American Dream. The American Dream is simply to find a way to provide food for the ones we love, and to help create a better world for them, then what we had.

And we just do it everyday, working hard, leading by example.

That's the kind of America I love. And to see us letting the evil people get away with continued attack, and the liberals just saying let them get away with it. We don't have the right to protect ourselves or attack those who would attack us.

I am a simple American, I reserve the right to protect my own life, and those I love.

God Bless America!
What is character all about?

I have been hearing a lot of questions from my friends, about what it takes to get success out of life. I do not claim to be a success, I just have been exposed to what I call the right qualities to get there.

So I'd like to take the time to pass on what I know.

Everything starts from character and integrity, things that are passed on from our parents, and if they are not we need to discover them in ourselves or learn it.

What is character all about?

It's about determination, and just giving everything you have to do the right thing no matter the consequences. Character applies to the kind of honest, hard-working person you are. In fact, character is one of the greatest things about this nation. That people from all walks of life, work hard to put food on the table for themselves and their families. These are the everyday heroes.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, character has been so negatively attached, at least what makes good character.

So you see people not doing their work, letting their responsibilites fall on others shoulders. And this whole unethical attitude of not doing your fair share of work has national consequences. And is very de-moralizing.

How does character affect each of us as a nation and individual?

Well let's put it this way, what if we were all pushing a plow into the ground that helped to grow the food on our tables. When we all worked together and gave every effort we had, the quality of food and quantity would be more than sufficient to fill all our plates.

Now what happens when people take it for granted and feel like we'd get the same results if they didn't do their fair share, and let someone else take up their load. We all have different parts of the plow to push, but if we as a nation don't push together, we can't be as good a nation or as healthy as we can be, when we are a team.

So more and more stop pushing, but the demand for food doesn't decrease, but keeps growing, so we have less people doing more work for less reward. So that de-moralizing causes more people to feel like the work isn't worth the results.

Because people who work hard, deserve all the reward and recognition and pride in their work. And those who do not, but can, deserve absolutely nothing!!

There is a difference between charity and laziness.

Anyways, character is that no matter what it takes, you keep working hard, and take pride in your hard work. It's about integrity, being honest and forthright.

Honesty is a very fluid topic to some people. But I feel strongly that people in America have gotten so used to seeing it being abused and being lied to. This has caused us to develop what is called a bullshit detector. If you lie to us, we can instinctly tell that. So let's respect each other, to tell it as it is.

We can not solve problems, unless we know that they exist.

One of my two favorite stories, is about Malcolm X. I heard this over 20 years ago in a college called National Education Center - Brown Institute.

It tells of a time he was in prison. And he could choose to either do something with his time or just endure. And he choose a brilliant answer. Everyday he would take a word from the dictionairy, and memorize and use it. And by the time he got out of prison, he had memorized the dictionairy.

We are here on earth for a purpose, and sometimes you must make your own way thru life, rather than anything being handed to you. But that is for a reason, it's a test, if you give it all, you can do absolutely anything in life.

I have found that those that are given the biggest tests will have the best successes if they keep trying and working hard!

Why do you think they called James Brown the hardest working man in show biz?

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Natural Born Ostriches

What a speech. It is obvious now, that the UN has done a good and complete job. Iraq has not done what they were ordered to do. Let's list what that is.

They have to bring out all biological/chemical/nuclear weapons and show them to the inspectors, and then give proof of their destruction. If that is not provided to match what our intelligence sources say then, it's 100% obvious that Iraq, has once again tried to play the shell game.

And of course, the liberals, say how high! What a joke!

Let's be clear, Iraq continues to play games, they are not abiding by their UN rulings. And those rulings were accepted by Saddam Hussein and Iraq as the price for their continued survival after Desert Storm. Since that has far from happened, after giving them 1st, 2nd, 3rd and fourth and fifth chances.

It is time pay the consequences. IT IS WAR TIME!!!!

President George W. Bush said it best, we are a sovereign nation, and as such have the right and privilege to protect ourselves from enemies that are obviously after us.

Goodbye Saddam Hussein and all liberals that wanted to just give endless amount of time, and continue to not face reality of evil in our face. Saddam Hussein is evil, not because he is an Arab, but because of his actions of being a tyrant over his Iraqi people. And not obeying the UN rulings.

He has caused the death of thousands of his own people just to test his weapons and of course for his own enjoyment.

Liberals get out of our way, and just go to the hole in the ground that you want to be in, as NATURAL OSTRICHES!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Loyal Opposition??

And I thought this was a country that would pull together in time of need. I can understand disagreements on policy, but when our lives and the lives of the ones we love are on the line. That is when we are supposed to be one nation under God.

Okay I am sorry, Senator Thomas Daschle, has gone too far. When we are in a time of crisis we support our leaders, even if we privately disagree with them. That's called loyalty.

There are some good democrats out there, but if they're more concerned about making President George W. Bush look bad in ratings so as to get more votes and power, then how can they really be a part of the political process?

How can we trust them ever again?

I say let's drop the democratic party from a party that can be voted on.

And especially Senator Daschle and his allies should drop from political positions.

The shame of them, how ugly they are presenting their party to be.

I don't claim the Republicans are perfect, but God damn it, they have gone too far!!!

If you don't like America, then get out. This is the land of the free, by the free, for those who are willing to die to help keep it free.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Our HealthCare System

The American Health Care system has many problems with it. Let's face it, we whine and complain, and in our attempt to force it to be better, we are abusing the very people who are trying to make it work. The doctors, nurses, assistants, hospitals, clinics and all that.

Let's break down to some simple facts as least as I have seen it.

Our two main goals of a solid health care medical system are low costs and high quality. But don't you see those are very hard to reach?

The malpractice and welfare systems have so beaten up our medical practitioners that they have no choice but to charge higher prices and more beauracracy to manage all the paperwork, that has so discredited and made more uncomfortable.

On one hand insurance companies, HMO's do better when they are force less money to be spent. But people have so abused the medical system, taking advantage of any loophole to get unnecessary medicine or surgeries done. Acting as if that can't affect the health of the medical system.

I hate the medical system, but it's our own fault for making it what it is.

I think if we are going to have a mutually satisfactory health care system we have to treat each other with respect.

As patients we need to limit ourselves to only absolutely necessary medicines and surgeries, and if you want it, and it isn't medically necessary you have to pay extra for it. One way that I have found interesting as an idea, is Medical Savings Accounts. It's not a perfect solution, but our first step is take fiscal responsibility for any of our health needs.

Steps to a better health care system.

  1. Take fiscal responsibility for what medicines and procedures you need. If you don't need it, prepare to pay more.

  2. Let's help the medical practitioners by getting them to focus their energy where it needs to be, on the practice, not tons of malpractice, insurance, paperwork crap to deal with. They still need to be responsible for reasonable mistakes, and for the ethics of their profession, but it has to be enforced by economics.

  3. Give employee's to take their medical benefits in three different forms:

    • Give it as a cash bonus.

    • Medical Savings Accounts, help them open one up, and let them do what they want.

    • Offer group discounting if they all go into 1 plan.

Okay now let's talk about pricing, there are really two elements of pricing in medicine. What it cost to research and develop new medicines, is not cheap.

So let me ask a question, do you want companies to find better and better medicines? Or we could ask them to stop, and save us all the money by just selling current versions of medicine?

It's realistic that the cost of innovation has to be passed on. But this can be done better by encouraging competition. Just like the $1.00 dollar menu of McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's has caused a lot of competition. Competition is a great thing.

Pharmacy companies are not perfect, but they are trying to do a realistic job, create new medicines that do a better job, find new ways to manufacture or combine medicines, and then sell them. Like any other manufacturing process, whether it be cars or medicine. We want to encourage them to do their research, but we can encourage competition as one way of reducing prices.

Also we could reduce regulations, so there is less, governmental regulations that add to the cost. Because that is a big factor in costs. All the paperwork and people they have to hire to dance through the regulatory process and the FDA. It's not a perfect system.

I am not on business's side. I am on everyone's side, we all deserve a chance for a better system. But that ain't gonna happen, unless we can find a way to work together.

And that working together means give/take not compromise. Like what are realistic regulations and what are not?

We want better medicines, better medical services, but the money for them has to come from somewhere. So we can either increase their supplies or reduce their costs. and the best way to reduce costs is de-regulation or at least limited de-regulation.

I think if all of us can give a little, such as, stop abusing the system on all sides, then we can use it for what we really need.

And forget completely this idea of a national health care system, that is a complete self-destructive idea. Because the government needs to encourage and get out of the way of the development of a better health care system as provided by industry.

And to be bluntly honest, I hate dealing with medical insurance, I always feel better when I pay it out of my own pocket as I buy or use a service.

Thought of the Day: Are you abusing the system, if so don't expect that to improve the system you are abusing!