Saturday, February 08, 2003

The Diaries of the Minutemen - Issue Two

Each day they train, mind and body. Breathing exercises, push-ups. They can feel their time is coming, the time of The Minutemen.

They practice their physical training exercises based on the Way of Kirdu, using nerf battle bats, to practice hitting each other.

Dr. Hensing Nagata, kept saying, "Aim Small, Miss Small. Only aim for perfection in every move. Where the mind wills the body goes."

Day and night, practicing both physical and mental skills. learning the art of silence and weapon-handling, as 7 year-old twins.

Each day is a discovery of new things they can do, by the time of school again, after summer camp, they were the equivalent of master kung fu artists.

So it was both with enthusiasm and interest, they started school again. They felt this would a be different year, a year of purpose and determination.

They got out of the school bus, to elementary school, they saw this bigger boy they recognized as 6th grader, Norton Jawwer. You even breathe the wrong way near him he will gladly pound you for the fun of it. He was picking on a 3rd grader, who had accidentally bumped into, some kid called Elliot or something.

Any ways, their tolerance for evil and injustice had ended when their Uncle Charlie and the 3000 died, no more!

Watches synchronized, and they recited the motto of The Minutemen.

A minute in the past, and a minute to the future, we live as the Minutemen.

Synapses, neurons, muscles, tension flowing to the lungs, as they empower their bodies, and become the elite fighting team The Minutemen.

They come running at the bully, hitting high and low, each twin varying their attacks, they didn't want to kill him, but to lend to him a little fear of God.

Bones broken, and a spirit in fear of justice, they left Norton Jawwer, then straightened their clothes and went on to school.

Each day they saw new victims and bullies, and they refused to be bullied by them, and exercised their free right of justice, to defend in the name of the weak against those who would antagonize them.

There started to be rumors of them in school, that if you needed help or protection that the twins would help to protect or train you to protect yourselves.

To the twins, they just wanted a silent life, so they could do their lives work, and defend the weak from the unjust.

After school, they went to the computers, connected to their guide, The SacroSaint.

The SacroSaint greeted them, "Hello my children, how was today, and are you ready for your evening's lessons?"

Each afternoon and evening after school they would polish their skills and techniques and knowledge. Learning about the histories of the past, and discovering the secrets of what's going on in the world.

And so this went on until they were 13 years old, having spent their childhood, training and practicing as warriors of justice and honor and truth.

Because of the special nutrients that helped to work with synaptic augmentation, they had developed musculature equivalent to a Bruce Lee or The Rock.

They also developed a following, all those who had been victims now wanted to protect themselves, and each had unique skills and abilities.

  • Tommy Two-Tone Skinari, he could only sing in two tones, but he was a master of the game of baseball, a junior babe ruth. The Big Bat.

  • Stats McGee, he has a deep memory of all kinds of statistical knowledge, plus he just loved data, and analyzing. Data Delver

  • Jonny Pistolero, spanish stud, and child of big gang bangers, there was nothing he did not know about weapons, handling, making, buying. Weapon Master

  • Melvin Kowalski, he was the classic geek, picked on by all the bullies, but he was a living genius when it came to cybernetics, remote control devices. The Rigger

There were other members, but weren't to be as well known as the first squad. When they had joined The Minutemen, the twins introduced them to the SacroSaint, and began their mental, physical training.

It wasn't as advanced as the twins training, but any training to help them become the elite justice fighting machine, known as The Minutemen.

And Junior High School and new adventures beckoned them.

And the clock ticks on.

Friday, February 07, 2003

The Diaries of the Minutemen

This is the beginning of a series of fictional story line, that I want to let everyone else read.

This day like any other begins, for Ben and Diana Hale, they are twin children of Arthur and Miriam Hale.

They are like any other 7-year old children, but from their birth they showed that common connection that identical twins of appearing and acting like parts of each other. They are individuals but so connected that they can scare people with their one mind with two-mouths act.

For most of their lives they are like any other youngsters, they play, they learn, until one day last year, September 11th, 2001. Their favorite Uncle Charlie, died in the World Trade Center. Like a nation, these two twin children, felt the death of the 3000 men and women.

It had been one year of silent suffering, and trying to put the pain past them.

Then one day, a package arrived, the twins were curious to see what was in that big box, a huge UPS brown cardboard box.

And as their parents, opened up the box, they saw lots of photos, books, some software, different plastic-wrapped packages inside.

Dad said, "Kids go watch some TV, we'll let you know if Uncle Charlie left you anything."

So they watched some TV, but their eyes couldn't help feel a strange moving within, making them keep watching the big box out of the corner of their eye.

Finally they got tired of boring TV, and went to their rooms, to play until dinner time. They kept hearing this strange ticking, as if time was traveling both faster and slower, and some special moment in time was coming.

Mom and Dad appeared before the door, holding a smaller package. "Ben and Diana, we have a special gift to you from Unca Charlie." they said.

They all took a quick sob, and tried to fight the tears, but they were curious as to what was in.

In the box were different toys, educational, smart toys, software, books, and some different technical devices they were not sure exactly.

Uncle Charlie was a very interesting man. He had started out as a young neurologist, trying to make his way, when he had a change of heart, and entered the world of software engineering. He just wanted to create software and toys that could help people learn.

They tried playing with different toys, and try to figure out what they each did.

Until they found two watches bound to some kind of computer software packages, with a little short note.

To Ben and Diana, in time all answers may be revealed.

They put the cd-rom into their nice dell computer system. And it started to play, some loading graphics and sound. They started to hear some sounds as if the computer was dialing to get on the Internet.

And a small notice appeared on the screen, with a picture of Uncle Charlie, "Kids, please put on your watches, it's important."

They put on the watches which were labeled, Ben and Diana. And as they close the clasp fitting them to their wrists, they notice a small engraving on the side of each watch.

A minute in the past, and a minute to the future, we live as the Minutemen.

And as they one being they said mentally that quote, they felt the ticking of their hearts becoming as one sound, they felt the physical ticks of the clock on their watches and the computer unifying, and with that unification, their minds and bodies began to beat and think and feel as one being.

They started to feel some kind of whirlpool emanating from their computer.

Then they started to fall into this whirlpool...................................






They felt this bright light surround them, they felt like a white blurry haze, they sort of saw this being with a white cloak and face, and as this being came forward towards them.

As this being opened up their cloak, there seemed to be a million faces and bodies floating around within this being.

In the voice of a million voices, "Hello children, I am the one known as The SacroSaint. I am here to speak upon the behalf of the unjustly dead. I am also here to offer a voice to one, who has a way to redeem their unholy loss of life."

The SacroSaint goes on, "I am a voice for those who want justice to be served, and have God's will and desire to let mortality seek what may be sought."

They see one of the heads, float up into the face of The SacroSaint, it's Uncle Charlie, they sob with sadness and happiness mixed.

Uncle Charlie, "I am sorry, but I need you kids to avenge the deaths of us in the World Trade Center. I have created some educational toys and software to help develop you two, as the avengers of the unjust, The Minutemen. The Minutemen is this idea I always had of common men and women, who strive together to fight the evil and unjustice in the world."

He goes on, "Please I will be here in the embodiment of The SacroSaint to offer the occasional guidance and advice in your life, but you must work together to form the start of The Minutemen. There are 3000 men and women who place their skills and knowledge available to help train and educate you and your member to come in the future to be that elite Freedom Fighting Force. You are the Sword of God, and you, I love and need your help and dedication."

He is saddened, but goes on, "I am sorry to ask so much from you, but because of your twin-mind connection, I could find no one else to communicate to. So please decide now, and or we will wait for justice to come from no one."

The twins are hesitant at first, but they love their Uncle Charley, and would do anything to hurt those who caused the death of the 3000 men and women of the World Trade Center.

"We dedicate ourselves to serving justice, liberty and the pursuit of the common man.", the twins chant.

Uncle Charlie's head, disappeared among the many of the unjustly dead within The SacroSaint.

Your training is beginning now. The software loaded interacts with your brains via the graphical imagery, to enact synaptic engagement. Once it synchs with your synapse and the information as provided by your watches, your brains and minds will start to become enhanced.

While still in this spiritual limbo, they started to feel some changes within themselves.

Your Uncle Charlie, designed software to interact with your brain, and thru that develop skills and abilities by understanding how light can command the brain and body to change and grow.

You will start feel the following changes:

  • Photographic Memory

  • Holographic Communication Between Twins

  • Accelerated Learning up the levels of any top mensa.

  • Enhanced Senses from Hearing to Touch

One of the dead, was a follower of the ancient Way of Kirdu. An ancient mind/body/spirit training method to help maximize capabilities to the ultimate levels of athletic competition. Dr. Hensing Nagata will be in contact with you via the watches you wear, to each day begin your physical, mental and spiritual training.

Let the training commence....


That is it for this first installment, of the Diaries of The Minutemen, let me know what you think. You can comment or contact me at
The Work Ethic

I have never claimed that other countries don't have the work ethic, I only claim that America used to have a better one that what it has now.
I feel a solid work ethic is a definite factor for the success of any one in any nation.

And yes we would swing to the right, I am telling you the truth, from one person to another.

Because of the following reasons.

  • When I tried to have an independent caucus, the democrats screwed me over and played, power games.

  • I'll acknowledge that not every regional party is like that, but can you understand my lack of desire to keep trying when I was treated so crappily?

  • Because everything that I heard from Rush and others, indicates something that was lacking from with in me. And from Others.

I know maybe I am not explaining this well. Let me try again, by defining what I call being a Republican.

  • Standing up for Self-Responsibility and Accountability.

  • There are limits to what we can do, so let's live with in them.

  • The goal of any welfare system is not merely to help the other person, but to help the person get independent and have their own life.

  • We can't keep giving and giving without there being huge problems.

  • Family is a very important part of what makes America great.

  • Character and Integrity will always be more important than how cool or popular someone is.

  • Never let emotions get in the way of realizing what the consequences of each action is.

  • Religion of some kind is a very important tool to develop an ethical and moral standards. I did not say it was the only way, or which religion, but the key is to have some teachable way to pass those standards down.

  • There is a difference between people who are unwilling to be independent and unable to.

Now I totally understand that the party of Republicans today is nothing like it was in the 60's or 50's.

There are valid reasons for having a balance between labor and management. But the key is balance.

I totally respect everyone who desires a better and more peaceful world. I do respect that.

But I really am not sure if everyone understand what it takes to get there.

What I want to get out of honest conversation with all of you, is an understanding. This is a tough understanding, so I'd like your patience while I try to explain this.

What really helped to transform me, was understanding the character of my father, my grandfather, and all the stories of the immigrants who came to America. What a great and amazing process, of how we from all over the world would come to a free country, where we can freely live and grow, and just have better lives.If not for our lifetime, then for our children.

I honestly, have had a lot of hard times, growing up, emotionally, physically, and so on. I was born with a form of dwarfism called hypopituitarism. And so it took me a lot longer to understand what it took to really be a man.

And because of this obsession of mine, I learned the hard way, starting from fast-food to where I am, working from the bottom-up. And I learned that there are a lot of skills, techniques and abilities that it takes to rise and be the best. I am not saying I was, but I sure tried.

And over time, I saw the dedication by example, of my father and others, working every day full shifts, dealing with all kinds of crappy situations, and they didn't complain they just did the job. Because they had a responsibility to feed their children.

You see that's what I learned to value, that adults would sacrifice their lives, their time and energy because they loved so much each other. Maybe they were not perfect, and not all families were so perfect. But isn't it worthwhile to encourage the development of good families?

Family is so important, because in reality a kid needs a mom and a dad. They are part of an even balance of what a kid needs to grow up. Some to take care and nurture, and someone to teach character, integrity and how to be the best man/woman they can be. And it doesn't have to be traditional, the key is that the roles have to be filled.

Let me talk about Thomas Paine, since I am about to fall asleep.

Who knows If I could be a Thomas Paine, but it is of his ilk that I aspire to.

In all of my heart of hearts, all I want is to find a way to give back, to contribute to society. Whether it be thru politics, philosophy or some other way.

Thought of the night: Who are the people in your life or around you that you aspire to be like and why? Please comment or post in our brand new message board.

God Bless America, and all the other Free Countries of the World.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Letter to the President George W. Bush

You have shown so eloquent ally, of the greatness of America, from the smallest to the tallest, it's character, integrity and a little bit of humbleness.

I swear there's something about you that reminds me of Jimmy Stewart.

He was an actor, and when it came time for war-time, all he did not want to be treated specially, so he became a fighter pilot, and earned his way up to becoming colonel or general.

Thank God for you, I hope only someday, I can give back to the country, and help it like you have.

You are doing the right thing, you are leading by example.

Everyday I listen to the mp3s of the 911 Incident, because that was my birthday, I will never forget it.

Any ways every day I hear the story of flight 93. And it so reminds me of the power of our nation has never been in the government, the military or our technology, it's the people.

I think you have demonstrated that people today, have such strong BS detectors that we can detect false meanings and words.

I guess in my own way, I am trying to fight back, with words and philosophy.

Government by the People and for the People, so haunts me even to this day. Is this part of the sign that representational systems can not work with these large amounts of people?

Because in our hearts, we know that no one can represent us but ourselves.

So how can we get back to this people-powered government and improve bureaucratic efficiencies?

Any ways I am meandering.

I would so love to be a modern day Thomas Paine or even a Thomas Jefferson or even a male Ayn Rand.

It is so obvious that the core we need to turn back to is the American Dream. That's why our ancestors came here, to have a free life, and to create a better world for ourselves and our children.

Bring back the American Dream, Mr. President, and you bring back America!!!!

Thank you again.

P. S. In my own way, I have a politics/philosophy site that I am trying to inform and educate the world.

Exploring The Truth

P.S.S. It would be very useful if we could have syndicated content so as to help have the real truth on each of the media's site.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

From Left To Right

This is an interesting but true story. It is time to really explain what went thru my heart as I changed from a Democrat to a Republican.

I think that in the 1980's I was just starting my adulthood, and I just wanted to find a way to contribute or participate and/or fit in.

At that time I wanted to find a home politically, I love the idea of people working together for a common cause. So I became a Democratic Delegate, went up a couple levels. Until the next election.

This was the time of the Gary Hart election. At the time I was naive, not realizing what went really went on, at least at the democratic party. I had not been a part of any other party.

So here I was, second time around being a delegate, and this time I wanted have an independent caucus, so we could discuss things and hopefully find some answers. Who knew exactly what was in my head.

So what happened, I found 5-6 people willing to have an honest conversation without being specfically towards one candidate. I was new, and just wanted to go thru this process.

Everything went fine until, right before the final time, where you had have a certain member count to go to the next level. Certain people left, just before that time, preventing our subcaucaus from going on to the next level. Now I would have been okay, for not making to the next level, if my ideas were wrong or whatever. But it made no sense to hurt me, just to play this stupid power game.

In other words, people would play these games just to get better position for their candidate. And I am sorry, I will never respect that kind of power game playing, no matter who does it.

So I was really devastated, that the party I was trying to get involved with, would encourage this kind of activity.

And then the timing of the Gary Hart problems, I just totally lost it with politics and especially the Democratic Party. I don't really think that all caucases are that bad. But once was enough for me to avoid the Dems.

And after so many years, I wasn't into politics, I was into other things. but on the way to work I started to listening to a local Talk Radio on a station called AM 1500. I started to listen to this guy called Rush Limbaugh, I heard all the people claiming how bad he was, and at first he gave me a real big headache to listen to him, go on and on.

But after a while I started to feel something, something that I recognized as having value. It comes down to the values that were passed on to me, by my parents and grand-parents. A sense of Responsibility, Ethics, and Integrity.

He may not be polically correct, but he is a great man, who sacrificed his ears to be the voice for America.

I started to get the feeling that things in America weren't as great as I'd thought, and that more was going on, than what I was aware of. This was a very disturbing feeling. And part of it was this naivette that most liberals or young or inexperience folk have.

I started to see a pattern of there being definite consequences to every law and policy decision that has been made.

We as democrats want to do the right thing, and protect the common man against the more powerful, and in the early days, before people have changed, that was definitely necessary. Especially against abusive businesses. And so it did make sense to continue that focus.

I never considered that business owners are real people as well. I thought, they had to be evil or bad.

That's not real, sure there are bad apples, but there are bad apples in every part of life.

And then I started to see a pattern of how the swing of power had changed things. And what was the consequences of each decision, how they shaped our culture, and is that shape what we want it to be.

There is a real and honest desire to do a good thing, and help out the poor and ill-treated people. But the bad people of the past, in the founding of this power are not the bad people of today. That is a significant change, the Republicans of today are of a different better breed. I will go into that over time.

But I want you to honestly see that difference.

I think the part that has really strucken me is my father, has so shown me of what the American Dream is and can be like.

This all comes down to the American Dream, either you are willing to work hard for your own life and for the betterment of yours and your children, or you are intefering with other people's pursuit of it, because you feel you are a victim, and feel that success should just be given to you.

I myself, am far from any kind of success, like everyone is just on that road to the best I can be in my field.

But I saw how my father got where he is today. Every day, 6am, working day in and out, just doing what the average american does, work's their butt off.

That's the average american joe, so as political parties are goal should be to help encourage and respect that desire, and do what we can to help and get out of the way of their drive to a better america.

That's enough for now....more to come..

Monday, February 03, 2003

Amerika - The New Communist World Order?

When it comes down to times like these, when tragedy strikes at the very heart of America. And when that strike is just let in like the friendly neighborhood dog they are not. It is time, to call treason for what it is.

There is a not-so subtle difference between those who have an honest difference of opinion, and those who thru their votes and policies open doors to enemies who gladly take advantage of those open doors to smash and destroy America.

I call The Majority of the Democratic Farm Labor Union Party, a complete traitorous and treasonous organization.

With all they have done, in their attempts at power and freedoms that are not really freedoms. In their attempts in the 60's for all the free love, and free drugs and free everything and just protest everything. They have never felt connected to the American Dream except has a tool to get and keep votes.

They will do ANYTHING to get and keep votes, lie, steal, kill, murder, anything.

They will take a good idea, and take it to an irrational, self-destructive extreme. I totally understand the pain and suffering of what abortion was like in the 60's a very un-healthy practice. And they took the desire to make it a healthier or safer experience, into a political maelstrom to give them power, and make the women depend on them for their very rights and privileges. To keep abortion safe, vote for your favorite democrat. And hate the evil republicans.

Again and again, they have demonstrated their will to find an issue that needs some government program, and so to get your entitlement vote for the democrats.

Here is the real question, are you an adult where you need someone else to live and take care of you? Or do you realize the great part of being an American, is that you take pride in hard work, to put food on your and your families plate?

We are so close to being Amerika. Give the United Nations more power, and let the European Union dictate how we should do everything. And then hey let's just open our borders, banks and let them just take whatever they want.

So that instead of American's being dedicated to hard work, and to build a better future for their children, we'll be living in tents in total squalor, and if you work hard you get less not more.

Is that where you want to be?

God Bless America, the home of the free and brave!

Especially bless the families of the surviving NASA Shuttle Astronauts!