Thursday, March 13, 2003

Ready for War?

This is not going to be a typical American war, although a big part of it will be going on in Iraq. I have a definite feeling that the
citizens of America, will be going thru a similar process at home.

Being an American, is something to be proud of, and not something to take lightly. We have freedoms, and with those freedoms comes
responsibility. Responsibility to yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your state and your country.

This is not someone else's job. This country was founded by the ideals on, Government by the People, for the People. Government
is just one way to do our job.

We have to start taking up the slack, where the government can not or should not get involved with.

It is time to revive the Minutemen of the Green Hills, and let us protect ourselves and our families.

I have nothing against any Iraqi's or middle east peoples. But if you attack America, you are attacking me and you.

We have so degraded the concept of freedom and responsibility. Thinking that freedom meant you can do any immoral or unethical thing
wanted. And that it was a right to you, as part of the constitution. That ain't so.

We are free to do anything that is ethical and moral. Anything else is either against the law, or something you know in your heart is
wrong. And you can't just do it because it feels good. Because doing bad things changes you into someone not worth respecting and
definitely not someone as a good example for others.

Rome had this exact problem, too much freedom, too much free time led to degeneration.

Rome like America, always did it's best with some great purpose or obstacle. Peace has never been our strong points. We get too lazy,
irresponsible and unethical.

So let's define a goal or purpose or objective, something we can look at every day, and find one thing to move us closer to that.

As a baby or child, you are there to learn a set of ethical and behavior guidelines, led by your parents, or whoever is the best moral
character person you can find. Unfortunately parenting has degenerated, so that good kids don't have good parents to learn from,
especially by example.

As a pre-teen or teenager, you are there to absorb your character and knowledge and wisdom based education. You are there to show that
you have learned what you have been taught, and that you can excel in each area. This is the time of major change and growth, you need
to learn to handle your hormones and the social/peer situations. Look for fellow peers that have mastered this and learn from their
example. Also look for ways to lead by example, your younger siblings, cousins and family members.

As a young adult, you are there to find a way to survive financially. You have serious obligations and responsibilities. If you are
pursuing higher levels of education, then other people who financially support you, should be basing that support on your continued
levels of performance. If not, it's up to you to educate yourself or pay for your own education. Being in college is no excuse to lose
your ethical or moral standards. You have a job to do, to learn the skills and techniques that will help you survive. This is also a
prime time to watch out for future lifetime mates.

As an adult, your job is responsibility, survival and finding a lifetime mate. A lifetime mate, is one you will commit to a life time
marriage and to a family. Choose wisely, because it is your responsibility to be very selective. Your ultimate goal is more than just
survival, because survival doesn't lead anywhere, unless you become a parent. As an adult you are to become parents and husbands and

As Parents, you have the ultimate responsibility, of being caretaker, and ethical and moral standards maker for your offspring. Lead
well, love well, and just focus on being a good parent, nothing else matters.

I believe in bringing back the extended family, so I charge all of you to stop kicking your grandparents or uncles or aunts to the
nursing home, and bring them to your home. There is so much they have to offer to you and to your children. What value is there to
having them in a nursing home? That doesn't make us better people. It is just like pushing an eaten banana down the trash disposal, you
are done with it, so you get rid of it.

That is not an ethical way to do things.

God did not create us to expect us to be instantly or always perfect, but it is our goal to aim for perfection.

The areas of perfection that I suggest to all of you are:

Ethical/Moral Character
Good Parenting
Value your family and neighborhood

Be well all, I honestly expect a lot of us will die in the future, if we are to survive, we must become one nation under God again!