Thursday, October 16, 2003

WorldNetDaily: Clinton: I warned Bush about bin Laden threat

WorldNetDaily: Clinton: I warned Bush about bin Laden threat

And President Clinton had the option to go in and arrest him, and S. Africa, at one time, was offering Osama Bin Laden to them, and Clinton refused.

And now he's claiming that he warned President Bush about bin laden?

What lying and cheating crook he is!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

It is time for Civil War2

It is time for Civil War2

There is a time and place for civil concourse, but that time has long since past.

With the liberals dedicated to the destruction of America, converting it into a diverse, politically correct,
mind controlling, sexually correct communist nation.

In 911 and in all our other conflicts, we as a nation and individuals fought for our freedom, to think and believe what we want,
to worship how we want. To build a business, and to keep most of what we earn.

They act like being a conservative is a criminal, well fine, then i declare war!

But since I am non-violent, I suggest peaceful ways of destroying the liberals.

1. Boycott all liberal media, in fact tell your cable company and direct tv, to remove those channels from your list of active channels.
If they refuse to remove, then tell them you'll cancel your service. Ask them who is the customer, us or the media companies?

2. Declare your conservatism, by putting a sign on your lawn, supporting any one of your favorite Republicans. Let them be aware, that the people
are arising, and they are the ones aiming at the liberals. The liberals only represent the elite. Well let's help put them out of business.

3. If a book store in your area, refuse to put conservative books at the same positions as the liberal ones, start a picket boycott outside their stores,
during their busiest hours. We don't want favoritism, and of course if the book is not a top-seller, they have the right to place it wherever. But if
they continue to DISCRIMINATE against conservative books, not based on facts, but simply because it refutes their positions. Then they should be boycotted,
shut down or sued, or any of the above.

4. Deal with your local newspapers that are biased, start a door-to-door campaign, asking friends and neighbors to stop subscribing. That will hit them in the pocket book.
I especially disrespect the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

5. Let's get the web community going, spread lists of good conservative newspapers, tv stations, radio and so on. Let's increase the quality of information on the web.

6. Hold the fire to the liberal media, find a competitor of theirs, in their local area, and start sending news feeds listing all the recent lies that the liberal media does.
Which they all lie like dogs, that they are.

P.S. Sorry for the long hiatus, been busy working. But now I am back, and ready to kick some liberal ass. I am more than fine with honest conversation on either side, but at this point, when all they care about is destroying my country. I have had enough!