Saturday, June 12, 2004

A Moral Vision

As we think and pause on the lessons learned from the late and great Ronald Wilson Reagan, it comes clearer and clearer to me at least, a moral vision.

As we have ascended from apes, to intelligent and civilized men/women, our paradigm of survival and economics have changed.

From hunting/gathering to agricultural methods of eating and keeping our families safe and alive, our methods keep changing and growing.

Economics is the common driver of all mankind today, either by our means of attaining food on our plate or by the reasons we work hard.

Economics forces us to either work or steal or die, there is no doubt about it.

So it is imperative to understand how economics shapes us, as well as how we shape economics.

It comes from this immoral fallacy called fairness, that life is expected to fair and easy, instead of what it really is, challenging and striving.

It comes down to a moral understanding of that economics, which can be very subtle. Just like the story of the pilgrims.

There was 1 man in the day of the pilgrims who refused to work, instead demanded food, instead of working. Captain John, denied that option, and forced that man to either to choose to leave the pilgrims and be on his own in the wilderness or to work. And that man realized the consequences of his choice, and chose to work for his food.

Each day we make decisions, some good and some bad. But as moral beings we must be aware of the consequences of those decisions.

In my own experiences in marriage and relationships, I learned an important lesson on give/take, on how vital it is to have a balance of give and take between people.

When that balance goes awry then people give too much or take too much, and end up destroying the relationship.

That also applies to us as American Citizens, we need to understand the give/take balance in how we live, breathe and inhabit the American life.

It starts with the moral vision of what America is about.

America is a melting pot, with people all over the world, who came together for a common dream, a common vision, a common bond.

To live in freedom from persecution, tyranny and evil.

But for America to really work well to provide that freedom, that requires that we all give back to America everytime we take something from it.

Instead of worrying about your next charity, try adding some of these on your list:

1. Take pride in your home and neighborhood, help each other, help America reclaim that old Neighborhood feeling.
2. Do not depend on the government for handouts and entitlements, when you are more than capable of working yourself. Work is God's greatest joy and pleasure.
3. Reconnect to your highest morality centers, go to church, synagogues, where ever it is that you look upward towards.
4. Let's all say goodbye to the credit card world, because we are not impressed by massive amounts of broke people, who way over spent their credit limits
5. Say hi to your fellow neighbors, get to know them.
6. Be a gentleman or gentlewoman, in being considerate and compassionate to everyone around you.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but is the America we are today, anything like what the founders imagined?

I say definitely not.

1. Government is way too big
2. Overspending is too much
3. Taxes are too high
4. Neighborhoods are not helping each other out, and creating that neighborhood unity
5. We don't take pride in ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our cities, our country.
6. We try too hard to maintain multi-cultures, instead of becoming 1 nation under god, with 1 language
7. We do not maintain our borders, to help maintain a rational measure of citizen growth.
8. Businesses are way too over-regulated
9. Those in power are as equally communist as those Ronald Reagan fought and converted
10. China is slowly showing that they are becoming the number one power, so be aware!

So bring back the core of American values....

Remember America's Moral Vision!

God Bless All of you!

Monday, June 07, 2004

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan

She tells it right, of a man who'd change the world. Peggy Noonan is the author of When Character was King, autobiography of Ronald Reagan

What an amazing story of an amazing man.

I wonder how many other heros or heroines, America still has in her.

America is an older lady, but she's not dead yet, let's give her a facelift, and remember those who uplift America!

God bless A - mer-i-ca
Land that I love
Stand be-side her and guide her
Thru the night with a light from a - bove

From the moun-tains to the prai-ries
To the o-ceans white with foam
God bless A - mer-i-ca My home sweet home
God bless A - mer-i-ca My home sweet home

Please, Oh God, let Ronnie tell one last joke up in heaven, because he's got one more to tell!

One man's vision can change the world

California Paying Last Respects to Reagan

President Ronald Reagan, did it again and again, proving that 1 man with a great dream or vision, can change the world.

He is not a perfect person, not a single one of us is, but he showed through perseverence and character that we can dream together of a better America.

Oh it is so sad to my heart his passing, because in the 1980's I was a Gary Hart democrat.

But I knew in my heart of hearts, that Ronald Reagan was the real deal.

It wasn't the words as much as the character/heart behind it.

He taught us and led us so much in the right direction.

We should really be ashamed of how we have dragged America down from where it should be.

Let us mourn as one nation, even for a moment of this great man, who led us
to freedom and liberty!

God Bless You Ronald Reagan!