Thursday, June 24, 2004

Who are your heroes?

Heroes can come in any shape, size or sex.

To me, a hero is someone who stands up for a strong moral purpose against those who would do harm, or inhibit our freedoms.

The special thing about America, is that we were built to be a land of heroes.

Where any man/woman anywhere can step up, and become a hero.

And I'd like to remind you of, my current heroes:

1. Ronald Reagan - He was so much smarter than he let anyone know, but he lead with a moral vision, and never let anyone get in the way of that.
2. Todd Beamer - He showed the power of the everyman, that we can choose to die fighting evil, rather than let others die in our name.
3. President George W. Bush - Simply he knows who the enemy is and goes after them. He's not a great president, but he does have a good moral compass.
4. Newt Gingrich - He was a historian, who dreamed of a better world thru the Contract With America. He still has something to offer us, if he wants to.
5. Abraham Lincoln - He's my hero not because of the slavery, but because of his persistence in life.
6. Ken Starr - He had to be neutral in trying to investigate the most evil/crooked President we've ever had. That took a lot of strength and moral endurance.
7. Marget Thatcher/

Here are my top list of villians:

1. Bill/Hillary Clinton - Not for being on seperate party, that's their right. However they are so crooked, massive liars. They may be popular, but they are the most immoral couple ever.
2. Osama Ben Ladin - Just kill him. No need to waste words on him.
3. Michael Moore - Simply a populist liar/thief/crook. Trying to pose himself as a documenter.
4. Al Gore - Does he ever tell the truth? Nope.
5. Jimmy Carter - He created more ways for our enemies to attack us then any other president. As well as making treaties/deals left and right that he never enforced. Look at how he flopped up North Korea, just giving money, in the hope they'd not be evil. You can't treat evil people as if they can be civilly dealt with.

I mean, I am not saying there aren't bad repulican people, such as Jack Ryan or Richard Nixon.

But let's focus on truth for once, if it's true, then let's make sure that bad thing never happens again.

But the problem, the media and democrats just lie and lie and lie.

It proves my point that the urge for secularism only destroy's our moral compasses.

And that's why democrats are secular, the more immoral you are, the less likely you are to object what the democrats are doing to you?

Oh you just got paycheck, what percent is left over from gross to net? Has that difference grown or shrunk?

Well if you want actually to keep your money, start voting for more and permanent tax cuts.

Reagan-Economics works, we've just proven it again and again!