Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Scoutmaster's Minute No. 49 of 63 - Our Moral Compass -

Scoutmaster's Minute No. 49 of 63 - Our Moral Compass -

"A compass is a simple instrument. It reads the magenetic forces of the earth and points to magnetic north. If you get it too close to another magnet, it can give you a false reading. In the hands of a skilled scout, it can help keep you on the right path.

In the Scout Oath, we promise to be morally straight. Like the needle of a compass, our morals guide us on the paths of life. There are influences giving you false information, but if you remain true to the morals you have learned from parents, church leaders, and scouting, you can keep on the correct path."

This is just a brilliant but simple explanation.

But it strikes so true, to each and every one of us.

Think about it, tell me what you think?

Diversity vs Melting Pot

When I was a kid in Elementary School, they taught us and showed us films, how we are 1 nation, a melting pot of races, creeds and cultures, and that is what makes us strong.

The diversity is not what makes us strong, it's that so many people can come together for a common vision, freedom, liberty, and to hope for a better world for their children or grand-children.

My own grandfather, Morris Rothstein, came from Russia, when he was 15 years old, and that was in the early 1900's.

Was he a smart or skilled man, no? But he was willing to do whatever work he could do so that he could feed his family and educate his children.

Every day he worked at low-paying jobs, just to provide a better world.

Well now here we are, is this that much a better world?

In some ways yes, we have longer healthier lives, in terms of our bodies.

Our minds have newer knowledge, technologies and methods to work and play with.

But our souls are less enriched.....

I'm saying it bluntly, we've lost touch with what makes this a great nation.

Because in the 1960's to 1980's we became a me country that cared more about credit cards, Cell phones, gears and gadgets, sex and music....

Now when you focus a whole couple decades on a certain spectrum of life, there are other parts of life that tend to get neglected.

1. How do we connect and raise our children, who raises our children, us or someone else?
2. Do we even have families or marriages any more?
3. Do our children know why to get married?
4. Is there any committed relationships anymore?
5. Do we get along and know our neighborhoods anymore?
6. Do we even care if how the ethical and moral consequences to our decisions, now and in the past?????

I don't think so, the secular life has taken over completely.

Now I am a former secularist, in that as a child I was always running away from belonging to religious services, but as I grew older, I realized, the importance of morality and character and integrity.

Of course there are imperfections in all things, even in religion. But the lack of religion, really hurts us as a people and a nation.

Because even with all the problems Religion has, it still makes a more ethical, responsible and moral country.

We are not here to shove a specific/religion down, but to show the importance of a moral compass, that we need to be raised and trained for that. I am not saying secularists/athiests can't develop one, but so far they havent' created a system to reinforce a moral compass.

It comes down to your moral compass, what you think right and wrong is.

I mean, it shows how down the hellhole we've gone, when we try to remove the 10th commandment from our legal courts.

More to come...