Thursday, September 30, 2004

What makes a great president?

In the last 40 years, our ideas of what a good/bad president has come to challenge us, and make us identify what a great president is...

This was reviewed on Fox and Friends, a couple weeks ago.

But what struck me, was that this former liberal reporter, started to tell the truth.

That our idea that intelligence equals great president is not true.

That all this slander of specific Presidents not being intelligent was a complete lie, specifically President Ronald Reagan.

This goes to the issue with the problems with Liberal Democrats today, they have no desire to have honest conversation, so that at the very least we can be civil, and at least understand each other's point of view.

But this Modern Liberalism, is a method by the rich democrats, to use emotional language that causes their consitutioncy to depend on them and bigger government to take care of them, until we are like how Communist Russia used to be.

I am not here to insert that every democrat is evil or idiotic or anything like that. Most of them are very nice people, who don't understand the reality of certain situations, or don't want to face them, and therefore become emotionally defensive when challenged.

We are now part of the natural slide from Permissiveness to Prudism, which is a natural ebb and flow through out the cycles of time.

And let's just say that President George W. Bush wins, will that make all our problems go away, assuming that Republicans in political domination will behave differently than democrats fighting to keep their power?

Power does corrupt, so we must have a balanced and incremental path to keep balanced.

Well what does it take to make a better America?

Well it depends on what you consider a better america. Do you want to create a communistic world where, it is incredibly poor service, and hardly anyone has a job, and if they do, they don't work hard, since hard work is not rewarded or recognized.

Or a world that depends and rewards individual effort, and drive to be the best.

Either extreme is not perfect and get swayed into areas we need get in.

So what must be done, once the election is over?

1. Permanently fix the tax code, to just a sales tax, no more tax codes, and fire the IRS. It improves revenue gathering, while also simplifying how we pay it.

2. Move all social security monies into personally managed medical savings accounts. And make participation voluntary.

3. Change the SEC/Wall Street system so that it completely elimits all game playing, and that the only reason to participate is to invest in a company for growth reasons. It's become too much a gambling institution

4. Tort Reform - If you want to make a suit, plaintiff's have to pay a mandatory $100 to start a suit. Also completely eliminate precedence. Courts can send messages to legislature to suggest that new laws be created, but can not over-write or interfere with current lawas, unless life/death of person is involved. And if they interfere, then it is on a case per case basis, not on precendence...

5. Ticket System - Police can stop you for bad driving or speeding but they can not penalize you unless you hurt someone or cause damage. But they can make comments that get on your record and communicated to your insurance company. That is mandatory, no matter how small it is.

6. State Colleges must become privately funded, unless they prove to be able to meet merit performance standards.

7. Elementary to High School - each class must both pass statewide tests for certification of grade level, and also compete across the state, and the school with the most passing and higher scores that percentage gets that percentage of their state funding. Compete and Earn it and you get it.

8. State/Federal Government Program funding - all programs must have yearly/quarterly goals, to both reduce spending 10% from last year, and to meet measurable goals. Also there shall be a committe of congress/senate to identify pork programs that have to be killed. And they also identify programs that really are not needed. Another part of their role is to identify programs that have over spent and over budgeted in the last year, and sue the management and creator of such programs for that extra money. We must spend money and time only on really good programs that actually reach measurable, determinable goals...

Anyways that's just the tip...

Like going over all laws, legislation to simplify the language, identify the original intention, and if the law did not accomplish the intention, or if the intention was immoral or unconstitutional then it is to be immediately retracted.