Friday, December 31, 2004

Character vs Culture

It's true, I am sick of hollywood, I no longer see them as showing movies, that are representitive of us, americans.

I can't help but think about it, as a great remake of Jimmy Stewart's Flight of the Phoenix. Dennis Quaid, was a great selection, to play the same part.

But it's sad that there aren't any modern day Jimmy Stewart's.

When World War 2 came along, he joined, not in some safe desk job, but as a bomber pilot, and he worked his way up to be a General of Fighter Planes.

That's the kind of actor, i like, who doesn't mind showing his pride for our country.

But neither political party is perfect, i realize now it never will be. Until the power is back in the people's hands.

I just see more and more people, seeing the constitution as something to be changed rather than enforced, and that bothers me.

It really saddens me that courts try to modify the consitution thru precendence, instead of realizing that it's up to legislature to write law, and the courts to enforce the law of the land.

It's sad that their only weapon of change is the courts and they use it to get laws passed that, the people of the land, don't want passed.

The DFL used to be the party of the people, for the people. Instead they have become the party of give the entitlements to as many as possible to help get more votes.

Stop the borders from working, destroy our education system, and just throw money at problems, hoping money is enough. And tax the rich as if the people who work hard for their money are responsible for the poor.

We have to accept responsibility for our own lives, if we're not happy or healthy or wealthy, then do something about it.

And as the DFL has more and more deteriotated into being a shouting/screaming match, instead of trying to actual solve problems.

The Republicans have problems as well, in how they want to deal with Illegal Immigrants, not getting rid of the IRS, and going to a National Sales Tax.

If we want to be a great country again, like how Ronald Reagan says, "The Big City on the hill."

Then we must work together towards common goals.

Like freedom, liberty, prosperity and happiness.

We need to learn to be civil to each other again...and find ways to work together, for common goals, and then try to resolve issues politely...

Is that really too hard?

Because yelling solves nothing.

1. We must understand that capitalism is a better solution than socialism, because the harder you work, the more you get. With socialism there is no motive to work hard, and the economy goes downhill because of that.

2. We must reward hard workers with by letting them keep their own money.

More to come...