Monday, April 03, 2006

Immigration the issue of our generation

It saddens me that we are so clueless about this issue. I won't say it isn't complex, but it can redefine what it means to be an American.

First we have to be commended for be willing to face this strong issue, finally. Michael Savage of Talk Radio has said it right for many years, Border, Language and Culture is his mantra.

Borders because we must protect our selves, economically, legally and morally from those who are UNWILLING to become legal citizens.

We can not merely allow anyone to come back and forth as they please.

So now step 1 is closing our borders, until we have had at least 10 years of no more illegals.

Step 2, is what do we do with those who are already here.

1. If they do not pay taxes and do not have criminal records, and they are willing to work hard and become Americans, make them go thru the full legal process. Until they are full legal immigrants, all their money gets taxed to pay for all the costs they have incurred on our economy. They can either work hard and be legal, or get out.

We simply do not have endless financial and medical resources to pay for those who will not try to be a full american.

2. Anyone who has a child in america who is not an american, children do automatically gain citizenship, altho like any other immigrant can go thru the process..

But until they have completed it, can not be inside America.

Either pay and be a full legal american citizen by having gone thru our process, or you get out! Or we will kick you out!

More to come this is such a deep topic...

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